God Still Speaks with Leon du Preez

The Effects Of The Anointing

May 29, 2022

The Power To Sustain ‼️ Our first evening session of the Angel of His Presence Conference was BEYOND measure🔥 God’s presence was TANGIBLE and each person received a PERSONAL touch from heaven! We can be sure that NO ONE left our campuses UNCHANGED under this ELECTRIFYING atmosphere 💥 God foreknew you before the FOUNDATIONS of this earth! He carries a memory of you and He wishes to bless you ABUNDANTLY, you need only to remind Him of that memory 🧠 This will bring an ENCOUNTER with Him that will SUBDUE the enemy and LAUNCH you to your calling! This was DAY ONE of our Centurion leg of the conference and God SHOWED UP! There are still THREE days left and we haven’t seen a GLIMPSE of the full Glory to come❌ Be sure to join us at one of our sessions, it is here that your calling can be CAUGHT and you can be ACTIVATED!

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